Current Members of the BOT

Mel Cadman / Chairperson

Troy Hutton / Treasurer

Rob Mair / Health and Safety

Amy Bolton / Property

John Marwick / Principal

Angela White / Staff Rep

Joseph Shin / Property

Haruka Paul / Property

A Message from the Board of Trustees:

The Board meets on the third Wednesday of every month. (See our Community Calendar) Parents are invited to come to Board meetings, however constitution states that visitors to a BOT meeting do not have speaking rights unless previously arranged with the Board Chair.
As board members we are the governors of the school and over see all the policy making. We focus on ensuring that the school provides a quality education for each student and that student achievement is being maintained to the highest degree.
The Principal and management team along with some school staff provide regular updates during the year on student achievement, particularly in numeracy and literacy. These reports confirm for us that in the main, students attain high levels of achievement at our school. Evidence of this is available in the school reception area in the form of booklets that demonstrate analysed achievement levels and are available for parents and visitors to read.

To learn more about the role of the BOT in your school refer to the Ministry of Education website –  Your school board of trustees.