Sister School exchange – Jiangdong Central Primary School

We have had the privilege of hosting students from our sister school, Jiangdong Central School, from Ningbo, China. The students have been accompanied by Xia, the vice principal, and Yuan, the coordinator of their school.

Student ambassadors, or ‘buddies’, from our classes have worked with the Chinese students throughout the week, sharing distinctive aspects of each other’s cultures. All students have gained a fresh and valuable insight into the similarities and differences of education in New Zealand and China.

The students participated in a tour of the school to orient themselves. This was followed by a photographic treasure hunt, in which the students needed to replicate a series of photographs taken around the school, as accurately as possible.

After this, the students and buddies undertook a ‘BP challenge’. This involved using basic materials to slow the descent of a ping-pong ball through the air, replicating the characteristics of airborne seeds. The students worked closely within their teams, learning to cooperate and negotiate; no easy feat given the time constraints and language barrier!

In the afternoon, the students participated in a Physical Education session involving the games tapu ae and dodgeball. It was fantastic to see the level of engagement and enthusiastic participation by all students.

On another day, half of the Chinese students joined Room Eleven for their Garden to Table session. These students were able to join in with the gardening activities, rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty. Most significantly, our guests planted a kowhai tree to commemorate their visit to our school. We hope the tree flourishes and will be visited in years to come by those who planted it, and other visitors from Jiangdong Central School.

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