Meet our Staff

John Marwick / Principal

I am passionate about leading a true learning community where all stakeholders are dedicated to growth and collaboration. I have worked in a variety of schools on the North Shore as well as London and Hong Kong. I believe we have a unique opportunity to create a true future focused community where we display empathy and understanding of people’s beliefs and values.

Angela White / Deputy Principal

I’m passionate about education. Providing pastoral care to both students and teachers is my primary role as Deputy Principal at our school. Having taught all year levels and in a range of primary schools throughout Auckland has equipped me with the necessary skills to relate to students and parents from diverse cultural backgrounds. My door is always open, so please pop in for a chat.

Tracey Towner / Deputy Principal

I believe Forrest Hill School is the best place for every child to develop a love for education and a belief in themselves to achieve the very best they can in an exciting environment. I have had experience teaching all year levels in diverse schools in Auckland, Hamilton and London.  I lead the Awatea Team, Years 1 and 2 and am the Special Education Needs Coordinator for Years 0 to 3.

Staff Directory

Room 2 Year 2 Lauren Delaney [email protected]
Room 3 Year 1 & 2 Kristina Higgins [email protected]
Room 4 Year 2 Claire Robinson (Learning Leader) [email protected]
Room 5 Foundation Ros Hamilton (Learning Leader) [email protected]
Room 6 Year 0/1 Tyla Renner [email protected]
Room 8 Year 4 David Wood [email protected]
Room 9 Year 1 Jane Pearson [email protected]
Room 10 Year 1 TBC
Room 11 Year 5 Jocelyn Chung [email protected]
Room 12 Year 5 Darlene Lee(COL Leader) & Marion Littin  [email protected]   [email protected]
Room 13 Year 5 Deb Cooke (Learning Leader) [email protected]
Room 14 Year 5 Jane Singleton (Learning Leader)  [email protected]
Room 15 Year 3 Bronie Edwards [email protected]
Room 16 Year 4 Tracey Clarke [email protected]
Room 17 Year 4 Abby Broome [email protected]
Room 18 Year 3 Sarah Wyrill (Learning Leader) [email protected]
Room 19 Year 3 Ellie Barleyman [email protected]
Room 20 Year 6  Natalie Seabourn [email protected]
Room 21 Year 6 Samantha Ness (Learning Leader) [email protected]
Room 22 Year 6 Aaron Joyes [email protected]
Digital Technology Teacher James Robson [email protected]
Performing Arts Teacher Jacqui Webster [email protected]
English Language Teacher Nicola Fitzgerald [email protected]
English Language Teacher Marshia Geminiano [email protected]
English Language Assistant Rosa Kang [email protected]
English Language Assistant Paran Jung [email protected]
Reading Recovery Teacher Alison Ottenhof [email protected]
Release Teacher (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) Marion Littin [email protected]
Release Teacher (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) Amanda Old [email protected] 
Learning Assistant (Library, Garden to Table) Pauline Hall [email protected]
Learning Assistant Lynn Dunn [email protected]
Learning Assistant Sandra Pennington [email protected]
Learning Assistant Annitta Cleal [email protected]
Learning Assistant (STEPS) Danielle Underwood [email protected]
Garden to Table Sheila Evangelalista
Librarian Pauline Hall [email protected]
Office Manager Linda Whitehouse [email protected]
Office Assistant Helen Freeman [email protected]
Property Manager Luke Phelan [email protected]
Grounds Person Greg Lee [email protected]
Tech Support (Support-IT) Michael Stodart [email protected]
Nirav Patel [email protected]