Term 2 Tuhononga Days

For the past two years students and staff at Forrest Hill School have celebrated each others passions and talents as entwined within their school vision; Nurturing growth for a life time of learning. The values of Respect, Connect and Challenge are reflected within their special Tuhononga Days.

These two days are designed for students and staff to come together to share common interests and their love for learning. Students from year 2 to year 6 all participate, giving them opportunities to respect each other, connect with other ages of children and face personal challenges with opportunities to overcome these and grow from them.

The different options for the students to chose from were many and varied as all staff are encouraged to participate, from the Principal, Learning Assistants and the Grounds Manager. This year students choices were from Edible Science, Paper Crafts, Dancing through the ages to BP Challenges, Mosaics and Flax Weaving to name but a few.

At the conclusion of the two days the afternoon is put aside for students to explore the remaining activities and parents and family members to come and circulate around the school to celebrate in the students creations and accomplishments.

Providing opportunities to develop student interests and passions helps foster a love for learning that at Forrest Hill School they see as being an integral component of helping children to be happy learners today and in the future.

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